Darwin Bedford wearing a T-shirt depicting the international symbol for a wastes container with a religious cross in place of the wastes.

"Everything said in the context of a god being real is mere nonsense."

Darwin Bedford,
Atheists.net author 

This web site is mostly intended for those that are still religious; my new web site at DenormalizeReligion.com is for those that are already non-religious.


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[Telling God "FuÁk you"]

Take your cross and ...


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My "Trash Jesus" or "religion is stupid" T-shirt (as people are calling it) is not currently available from me. However, such T-shirts are available elsewhere--just do a Google search on "atheist t-shirts."

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Darwin Bedford,

Atheist Messiah,
Ambassador of Reason,
Destroyer of Faith,
Spiritual Reality Therapist

until the denormalization of religion is irreversible

Webster's definitions:
messiah -- any leader and liberator of any oppressed people.
oppress -- to treat with unjust harshness || to cause to feel mentally or spiritually burdened. 

God wanted-poster by Darwin Bedford
PRESS RELEASE  -- Darwin Bedford Proclaims To Be Atheist Messiah

Introducing Spiritual Reality Therapy -- providing therapy for those who believe

The Simplicity of Existence -- An ontological explanation which concludes that Evolution is a universal physical law

Jesus is a No-Show   -- this post had 130+ domain names pointing at it for more than two months and was featured on the CBC's News Day Special  

The Pope is Humpty Dumpty   -- this post received a third of a million visits and generated hundreds of responses which you can view  

Letter of Apology From Christendom   -- why not?--since today's Christians are wanting to separate themselves from the triumphalism of pre-modern Christianity  

Convergence of Transference Sustains the God Singularity   -- a discussion of what keeps God in place in this age of reason  

Atheism: The New Intellectual Authority -- My definition of atheism and then some 

I am a Murderer -- How I kill people

Eternity is one FuÁk of a Long Time! -- Some reality therapy for those wanting eternal life

Don't let that police officer tell a lie in traffic court--I didn't. -- Darwin Bedford succeeds in negating God in a courtroom  

Disclaimer -- I am as credible as a politician.

Here's Proof  that the Bible is no model for modern day living

Adult picture of me naked -- is now a broken link.  It appears that nudity is a controversial issue in its own right and that we don't only cover our privates due to religious teachings of the past or out of fear of reprisal from gods.

Published articles:
Atheism And The Environment -- How they are related. 
Toward A New Paradigm Of Religion -- Is the Internet the perfect infrastructure for transformation?
Caught Like Monkeys -- Don't be too stupid to let go!

Why God is Siding With bin Laden   -- a possible explanation  

I was prejudiced against   -- I lost 31 domain names to the federal government of Canada for using them to broadcast atheism literature, yet CanWest Global Communications Corp. is permitted to retain "Canada.com" to broadcast their favoritism for the Liberal government.  The government spent more of the taxpayers' money in claiming them then they would have if they had paid my asking price. 

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[Religion: A Path to Hell-on-Earth]


Favourite Quotes:  

I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.
  - Stephen Roberts
  ALL GODS ARE MAKE-BELIEVE, however as per Arthur Schopenhauer ...  "All truth passes through three stages:  First it is ridiculed.  Second it is violently opposed.  Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."


Let's debate, and build!
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