Darwin Bedford Proclaims To Be Atheist Messiah

BURNABY, CANADA - MAY 31, 1999 - Longtime atheist activist, Darwin Bedford, foresees a need of an atheist messiah and claims he is the likely candidate for the job. "The world needs a catalytic leader that will free people from their need to believe." says Bedford.

Citing religion as the villain for many of the world’s problems, Bedford is calling for the United Nations to establish a UN Initiative to Denounce Religion whose mandate would be to eradicate the practice of religious beliefs.

"Our prime objective will be to ensure that the planet remains an everlasting paradise," says Bedford. "The world can no longer afford to tolerate religious wars because they are largely responsible for the poverty within many nations. Hunger is a function of poverty and wherever there is hunger there is runaway population growth.  And it appears that overpopulation is leading us into a 'Hell' on Earth." says Bedford.

"People feel that there isn’t anything that anyone can do that will be enough to stop us from self-destruction. Only a messiah can overpower the wide-spread apathy," claims Bedford.

Bedford feels that individuals and the world in general are oppressed and harmed by traditional religion, and an atheist messiah would not only put an end to "the waste of human lives", but the resulting cultural upheaval would lead the world into effective unified action.

Bedford ascertains that whenever a person believes in something he or she experiences loss of power and is no longer open to further discovery regarding the subject. "Every religion places the utmost importance on telling the truth, yet, every religion is founded on untruths. It is about time we started relying on demonstrable evidence instead of religious hearsay." says Bedford.

When asked if he is concerned about people not appreciating him for taking away their god, he responded: "Not at all, in fact people will eventually thank me for ridding them of a nightmare of a ghost in their lives. When I succeed, unimaginable global jubilation will come to pass and people will gladly send me money; invite me for dinner; compose and perform on my behalf; and women will howl my name during intense orgasm."

Only time will tell whether Bedford is just a tad jealous of Jesus Christ or whether he really can develop the wherewithal to come across with the Promised Land.

Bedford maintains a Web site at and is accepting donations toward his cause. He can be contacted by e-mail at

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