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The Pope is Humpty Dumpty
by Darwin Bedford
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The story of Jesus fails to convince many people (myself included), but, the supreme God of the people of Canada is Jesus.  This is the conclusion of the survey that was conducted at this website.  The preamble to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that Canada is "founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God", however, it does not state which God is supreme.  So, I asked people to enlighten me as to who was this supreme God and the results (click here) overwhelmingly suggests that it is the god mentioned in the Holy Bible.

The followers of Jesus call themselves "Believers."  Here is my understanding of what they believe.

Although Jesus is God, Jesus is just a temporary human-flesh manifestation of God.  God is actually the father of Jesus.  The Believers say that God made the entire universe in just six days and later sent his only son, Jesus, to save us.  People needed to be saved because they were behaving in a manner not suitable to the father.  This is said to be committing "sin."  So, he sacrificed his only son to show them that he forgave them for the sins that had been committed so far.    

God is a special kind of spirit called a holy ghost.  God, also referred to as "your maker,"  resides in the spiritual realm.  The spiritual realm cannot normally be experienced by you and me unless by way of a miracle.  When something from the spiritual realm reaches our physical world, it is called a miracle.  It is commonly believed that only God himself causes miracles to occur.  

Jesus is one such miracle.  God apparently caused a woman named Mary to give birth to his only son (Jesus) without ejaculating his sperm into her.  One of the first questions that pops into my mind is ... "If God can make everything and has the power to make anything happen at any time then why can't God make another son?"  Why do people feel that God sacrificed his only son for us when he is capable of creating any number of sons?  It is also interesting to note that God has not ever admitted to having any daughters.

The Holy Bible was written by a group of men, however, its content is believed to be inspired by God and thusly is considered to be "the word" of God.  Believers are taught not to question the word of god.  In fact, Canada has a prominent political leader that claims that he believes that every word in the Bible is literally true.

God is responsible for creating everything in the spiritual realm as well.  One of the entities that God created in the spiritual realm is the "Devil."  There are two alternative worlds in the spiritual realm.  The Kingdom of Heaven is one and Hell is the other one.  God rules over the Kingdom of Heaven and the Devil oversees Hell.  Sometimes the Devil can make an appearance in the physical world by possessing a person's body and making them do crazy shit.  Now don't die from laughing just yet—there is more.

The Believers believe in every word of the Holy Bible—and here is why.  The Bible repeatedly states that you will not die when your physical body is damaged to the point where it becomes lifeless.  No--what happens is that your spiritual component, or your "soul," will transfer to the spiritual realm and will be judged by your maker at the gates protecting the Kingdom of Heaven.  If it is determined that you believe in Jesus, then you (or at least your soul) is permitted to live forever (eternity) in the presence and care of God himself—as a happy servant within the Kingdom of Heaven.  If, however, it is apparent that you do not believe in the word of Jesus, your spiritual component will be directed to live forever in Hell where you will be a slave to the Devil. 

This process is referred to as "meeting your maker."  I wouldn't worry too much about the experience itself.  My calculations show that even if God dedicated all his time meeting the dead, you would only get to meet him for half of one second.  There are 56 million deaths occurring annually and only 32 million seconds in a year. 

I have not yet learned whether God manifests himself as Jesus the son, or as God the father, or just as a holy ghost while in Heaven.  He can be all three at the same time with the powers that are claimed of him.  Although that would be weird watching him talk to himself.

According to the word of God, Jesus is supposed to be returning to Earth.  When he does so, the Earth will be totally destroyed and all of us will ascend into the spiritual realm where we will be judged.  Those of us that trust in Jesus will be rewarded with eternal life in Heaven, however, those of us who don't will be turned over to the Devil and will burn in his fire and will die a second death.  But not for two thousand years has Jesus returned!  It seems that God is insensitive to the countless generations of Believers that have waited throughout their lives for his return.

The above beliefs comprise what is know as the "Gospel" or "the story of Jesus." This story has dominated culture and infiltrated the laws of the developed world for two thousand years.  However, the Internet is ablaze with opposition to the faith.  Many people, especially the young, are no longer willing to swallow this story hook, line and sinker.

Some people are prepared to forget that religion was ever embraced.  Fundamental religious beliefs are definitely becoming passť.  Not only is Jesus a no-show but the Pope is Humpty Dumpty.  Christianity has fallen off the wall and is colliding with the ground.  As it comes apart at the seams, other major religions will disintegrate with it.  There is much evidence that people are dissatisfied and dismayed with religion today.  Congregation counts are falling off and people are expressing concern that the word of God is no longer politically correct within today's society.

People are filtering into two camps of religious acceptance.  Generally speaking,  Believers blindly accept the faith of their ancestors, and Thinkers like to doubt everything and learn what underlies every stone.

As the Atheist Messiah, I am aware that there are still many Thinkers hiding in their closets.  They are afraid to express themselves because Believers have a history of shunning sinners.  I would like free them of their oppression.  I would also like to free the Believers from the harmful effects of not living the truth due to their religious beliefs.  More on this can be found at the home page of my website.    

Religion is used to intimidate Believers.  It is known that they fear negative retribution from their god if they do not behave righteously.  The government uses this fact in courts of law by making people take the oath using the books, symbols and language of their religion.  Even in the Rentalsman's office here in British Columbia, you will find a Bible laying in the middle of the table in every hearings room.

Believers do not have the wherewithal to realize that they are being taken.  They readily turn their money over to "authorities" of their religious organizations.  Newspapers are spotted with articles reporting the extortion and misallocations of funds by religious authorities—not to mention the articles of rape and other injustices committed by religious authorities. 

Religion has become a crime and you can help fight the crime.  Let people know that you think religion is as silly as superstition.  Demand the removal of religion from our laws and government.  Demand that real estate properties of religious organizations be taxed the same as non-religious properties.

Thank you for the time that you have taken to read this post.

If you feel that I have misrepresented the basics of the story of Jesus, then I invite you to write or email me.  You need not disclose your name or address unless you are requesting a direct response to your comments or questions.  I will post all worthy responses for people to read.†

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