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"Everything said in the context of a god being real is mere nonsense."

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Some of this content is intended for those of you who are still religious and some of this content is for those of you who are already non-religious.


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Atheism: The New Intellectual Authority

Congratulations, you have hit upon the WWW page in which the world's intellectual authority is revealed.

by Darwin Bedford

Atheism has taken over as the world's intellectual authority. The church held this respectful position when religion was at its hay day. In the past few decades science and technology has provided man with so much power and free time that now philosophers, scientists, and technologists are sought to answer the most difficult of questions.

Philosophers, scientists, and technologists have something in common with atheists—they are not afraid to ask questions. You see, Atheism is a state of mind—a way of being. Atheists, (and free thinkers, agnostics and humanists) are people whose fundamental way of being, is to ask questions and to doubt everything. They habitually lift rocks to discover what underlies them. They do not believe anything absolutely. They know that to believe something absolutely, closes the door on further learning. The volume of useful knowledge that has been gleaned from approaching life in this manner is evidence that Atheism represents the learning edge.

The term Atheism is generally used to include not only atheists, but humanists, agnostics, free thinkers and all those who cannot make the leap-of-faith required to believe in a god or to accept the basis of a religion. Some atheists view religion as just a nuisance in our lives while others are attuned to the social monster that it is and to the harm that it causes.

When a philosopher, scientist, technologist or an atheist is confronted with a difficult problem they know that the answer lies in their ability to formulate pertinent questions. These are not people that take a leap-of-faith to the first answer that is offered.

There is much learning needed and it will take brave atheists to face up to the severity of turmoil that the world is in today. Monumental atrocities are rampant in the world today.

  • Our population has increased beyond the planet's capacity to provide us with a sustainable economy.
  • We are turning the planet surface into chemical soup.
  • We are unable to stop countless species from becoming extinct.
  • We have a serious problem with deserts increasing in size and in number.
  • We are being faced with growing concerns of global warming and ozone depletion.
  • Fish stocks are declining.
  • Clean water supply is decreasing.
  • Forests are being harvested and not being replaced.
  • Topsoil is limited and is eroding.
  • The possibility of an unstoppable disease is present.

These are the main environmental atrocities. Just as serious are the social atrocities:

  • Fifteen million of us die from hunger each year.
  • An equal number of us are blinded or otherwise maimed for life as a result of malnutrition.
  • One in five of us live in abject poverty.
  • Three million of us die from the effects of smoking tobacco each year.
  • Wars fuelled by religious differences are killing and injuring countless people.
  • Political upheavals and economic instability are constant threats to our well-being.
  • Greed and crime are increasing and getting uglier each year.

All these atrocities are inseparable from each other. They all are related to each other either directly or indirectly. Overpopulation seems to be the root cause to many of the environmental problems; however, statistics show that poverty-stricken people have more children than people with a healthy income.

Getting back to Atheism and religion. Propagating false information about messiahs can only make matters worse. Every effort in getting individuals to face up to the dire global condition is needed. This includes taking away their imaginary gods. This includes revealing the nonsense and insignificance of their folk lore about messiahs.

(Written and posted by Darwin Bedford somewhere between 1996 and October 1998.)


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