It's a Nightmare for Atheists Living in America!

From: "Tiffany Harding" <>
Subject: scary dream
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 13:29:45 EDT

dear darwin,
i had a really frightening dream last night. there was a lot of crime in america, so people felt that the country was missing religion. the people elected a new president and a whole new, much smaller congress. the new president was Robert T. Lee (i had read his articles about atheists and homosexuals, i guess they gave me nightmares!) he believes that atheists, agnostics, homosexuals, wiccans (witches), and pro-choicers so called (god haters) don't have the right to live. in my dream he and his new congress made the networks cancel any TV show not relating to xianity! they even canceled barney(he said he preached tolerance toward homosexuals). any website or newspaper with out xian content, or belonging to a "god hater" were dismantled. prayer in schools was manditory...even in college!! non-xians were given a monthly fee for practicing their religion...the fees became so big that they had no choice but to convert! then the horror starts. teachers and leaders were told to help round up "god haters". he said that anyone who turned in a "god hater" to the authorities would be guaranteed a place in heaven. my brother turned me and my boyfriend in. we were sent to prison, the prisoners already there were killed! atheists in one prison, homosexuals in on. the were renamed rehab camps. whole families were broken up! we were ordered to pray...none of us meant it. any one who caused particular trouble was whipped while the prison guard read about how we were going to hell. somehow i got letters to you in canada. my boyfriend, daniel, and i got together a group who would try to escape. you promised that if we could get across the border we could stay at your house, until we got on our feet. a few of the atheists in our prison converted, and they threatened to tell the guards about our plans to escape. we knew we had to act fast. those atheists who refuses to convert were given electroshock therapy!! atheism was considered a mental illness! all converts could be released from prison but they had to wear ankle cuffs that could keep track of your movements. my group pretended to convert and were sent to a halfway house. there were six of us to a room, males in one females in another. we’d hold meetings with the other atheists in our house, to plan our escape into canada. we had to go to church everyday, and twice on sunday besides our work. they kept our schedule so full that we couldn't find the time to escape. the ankle cuffs kept track of where we were and when. if we weren’t in church or at work at a specific time an order went out to arrest us. we had act quickly if we tried to cut the cuffs of a signal would go out. one of the atheists in our group was a scientist who help invent the circuitry in the cuffs. he had to fix all of our cuffs during church!! we left the cuffs in church on sunday...when we had to stay the longest, and walked to the bus station. they kept a list of pictures of recent converts all over for people to look at to make sure we weren’t trying to escape. we had to wear disguises. we took a bus to canada. we were stopped at the border, but they didn't see through our disguises! we made it to your house and you welcomed us. then, get this, we devised a plan to help as many "god haters" get out of america as possible. kind of like the underground railroad! i woke up shortly after that. it was a very weird dream, more like a nightmare. so what do you think?

Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 23:41:30 -0700
To: "Tiffany Harding" <>
From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re: scary dream


This is what I think. This is not ordinary email. This is a reflection of what is happening in your country. I read yesterday that the Kansas school board will give higher grades for a student that answers that god created the universe about 8000 bc. than to a student that answers that the universe started with a big bang billions of years ago. This is reminiscent of the draft into the Viet Nam war. Many Americans escaped into Canada so that they did not have to spend 5 years in jail or go to war as your country was mandating. The email about your dream should be posted somewhere. And of course, you and your boyfriend are invited to pop in and stay at my place anytime.


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