The Canadian Atheist, Quarterly Newsletter, Issue 5, Winter 1995/96, Page 1

The planet's human infestation is devouring the surface of the Earth at an alarming rate. We are turning the planet's surface into a chemical soup. We are unable to stop countless species from becoming extinct. We have a serious problem with deserts increasing in size and in number. We are being faced with growing concerns of global warming and ozone depletion. Fish stocks are declining. Clean water supply is decreasing. Forests are being harvested and not being replaced. Top soil is limited and is eroding. The possibility of an unstoppable disease is present.

How many times more can we expect to double our population? -- perhaps once or twice, but probably not three times. Population statistics are indicating that this will occur within one or two generations. Are you and I witnessing the onset of a hell on Earth? What state will the world be in for our children or our childrens' children?

So what does all this have to do with atheism? There is evidence that the wide-spread belief in gods and its effects are detrimental to the planet's survival. Church dogma and the influence of priests that dictate procreation are more to be feared than just irrational beliefs in gods.

Of course, make-believe gods are impotent but mother nature is not in control either and is therefore indifferent toward humanity. Humanity has no "divine" right to enjoy its presence on Earth. We are on our own to insure our prosperity.

Webster's defines religion as "something which has a powerful hold on a person's way of thinking, interest, etc." Therefore, we cannot afford to rely on people who look to gods for our survival. While those who choose to do so bury their heads in a fool's paradise of cocked up messiahs, we must fight their destructive dogma at every turn.

Yes, it is paradoxical that the planet's "saviour" will ultimately be atheism, but it has to be that way.

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