Introducing Spiritual Reality Therapy

An urgent message for those who believe in spirits or gods.

by Darwin Bedford

Spiritual Reality Therapy deals with the belief in the existence of spirits, ghosts, gods, angels and other claimed spiritual entities. The reality is that spiritual entities exist solely in our imagination.

Therapy is required when people cannot understand this. When a child has a serious relationship with an imaginary character, a psychiatrist is employed to help the child. Likewise, adults who share their lives with gods or spirits are just as delusionary as a child with an imaginary friend and are equally in need of psychiayric help. Let me illustrate how spirits are a creation of the human mind.

Language evolved as a means of communication between humans. Words, the basic elements of language, were developed by our ancestors and many of these words in one form or another are still in use today, while new words are constantly entering our linguistic data base. However, many of the words we use carry some untruth and since we use words in order to communicate our experiences, much is lost or distorted in the process. The untruths go unnoticed.

We also create concepts or abstract ideas by using these flawed words. We layer these abstract ideas one upon the other (concept upon concept) and then give them a name, such as "God". This leaves us attempting to discuss and communicate these concepts while the untruths continue to go unnoticed.

Spiritual entities were conceived by humans who languaged them into existence while attempting to relate their thoughts and experiences. First we invented tribal spirits, then gods; and then the specter of the of the single god (the concept of monotheism or my-god's-better-than-your-god) reared its ugly head. The only documentation or backup paper to support the existence of these spiritual entities (e.g. the Bible, the Koran, etc.) was written by man using words invented by man.

When the concept of spiritual entities such as gods is examined by rationalists, their existence within the physical realm cannot be demonstrated. This leads people who are still convinced that spirits truly exist to at least concede that they exist only within a spiritual realm. In other words, in their imaginations.

Two other man-made concepts are reincarnation and life after death. Both of these concepts imply that "spirits" can live on after their physical "hosts" have been destroyed. (This is analogous to a software package running and working while installed on a PC that is being used as a boat anchor.) Since spirits can only live in the imagination, it is evident that they must die when the imagination dies.

Here is a simple test to determine whether or not you are living a life consistent with reality:

  • Do you believe in a god or gods and that your god(s) can have a direct influence in your life?
  • Do you pray to god or gods believing that possibly your prayers will be answered?
  • Do you believe that when you die your "soul" will continue to live on in some fashion?
  • Do you believe that a god or gods are watching over you --perhaps caring for you?
  • Do you think that a god can punish, will punish, has punished, or is punishing you for something you did or did not do?
  • Do you feel the need to confess any perceived wrong-doings to someone that you think is a representative of your god?
  • Do you believe your actions during your life will be judged when you die and this judgment will determine the fate of "your eternity"?
  • Are you convinced that you have been visited by a ghost, god or angel?

If you answer "yes" to any of the preceeding questions, then you should seek the help of a Spiritual Reality Therapist. Once you free yourself of the irrationality of the concept of "gods" or "spirits", you will feel more pride and ownership of your mind, and real responsibility for your decisions and actions if life.

We are told that we should strive to be healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually. Does this mean that we should also follow a spiritual path? I can go along with that, but only if following a spiritual path means making a conscious effort to grow towards personal integrity.

Finally, with respect to our place in the universe, our lives are insignificant and meaningless in that we matter only to ourselves and the living entities with whom we inter-relate. If you have failed this "reality check", then maybe Spiritual Reality Therapy can help you make the most of your life -- your only life.



Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 13:08:28 -0500
From: Bob Wubbolding <>
Subject: Reality Therapy

Dear Darwin Bedford,

Your web page yielded information about "Spiritual Reality Therapy". I
feel the need to comment about it. For 11 years I have been the
Director of Training for the William Glasser Institute which is the
organization which sponsors the certification process in Reality
Therapy. The president of this Institute is William Glasser MD who in
1965 wrote the book Reality Therapy. He coined the phrase "reality

Your description of spiritual reality therapy has nothing to do with
genuine reality therapy. I encourage you to consult the professional
literature on this subject so as to correct your erroneous ideas. You
state that "Spiritual Reality Therapy is a branch of Reality Therapy."
This is simply not true. My suggestion is that you not promote these
inaccuracies. Training in Reality Therapy is available and credentials
can be obtained. They are worth the effort involved.

On a more personal note you have every right to say whatever you want
and to promote this kind of nonsense. I can't imagine that if you
really gave more consideration to this issue you would want to be
identified with such inaccurate ideas.

Robert E. Wubbolding


Bob, thank you for the reality therapy.  Your comments are accurate of course.   I have removed "is a branch of Reality Therapy" from the text.  I have also added a feedback section to the page and a link to your institute.   However, I will continue to use the term "reality therapy" in the context of people needing therapy when they are too far out-of-reality.

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