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Darwin Bedford, 1974

[1974 picture of Darwin Bedford at the age of 25 lying on a water bed naked and with an erection ]

My Dedication to Queen Victoria

Oh yes, it was bigger when
it was getting used more often!



Names have been changed to further confuse numerologists.

Personal nude photos on the Internet? Interesting!!!
I read on someone's web site that you had a nude photo where you reside on the WWW. I thought, "I've gotta check this out, I once communicated with this person."
So, last night, I finally checked it out. Gee! You could have used a more recent photo. [smile] A 22 year old photo of a youthful Darwin Bedford, with a massive hunk of meat! Hmmmm! [eyebrows raised]
Well, I'll have to hand it to you (oops!), at least it wasn't a nude baby photo. Then, I said, "Maybe I should contact this guy again." So, I am contacting you just to say "Hi!" I like a guy with guts -- not to mention other parts of the body in that area. [evil grin]
Right now, I wish I were a little further North where it isn't so hot. I think I'll survive, however, at least we are half way through this heat season. (Of course, the other kind of heat is *always* there! [smirk] Take care.

I look the same today, except with less hair and more lines on my face. And from lack of use, pretty soon I'll be all armpit.

Well, gee, isn't there anything WE can do about the "all armpit" problem? I'm glad I'm not a male in this case. Actually, I'm glad I'm not a male in any case, but I assure you, my libido has been working overtime recently. I imagine its like what some males have described to me as being "Horny ALL THE TIME." Sadly, I don't have a sex partner either, but my hand and I have a longstanding relationship from an early age and I'm not afraid to use it. Also, my libido seems to have finally recovered from suppression due to anti-depressants. (Either that, or my body is close to menopause, I hear that a woman's libido sometimes picks up around that time, which makes sense because there is an increase in testosterone in the body.)
Oh, I'm enclosing a gif of myself, in case you're interested. It was taken a year and a half ago so, although it is a very flattering pose, it is pretty accurate for the present. Hope things are better the next time we "meet".

Good morning Darwin:
Why the dedication to Queen Victoria?? She was a man loving whiskey guzzling woman was our old queen is that why?
Bye Pat.

Hi Pat,
Wasn't Queen Victoria deeply religious and made everyone cover up from head to toe? Is there more than one Queen Victoria? Please help me here.

Good morning Darwin:
So you didn't know that I was a British History bluff!!!!! Kiddo, I was born over there and got interested in history at a very young age. Kept it up thru the years. No, there was only one Victoria and you are right she covered herself from head to toe, but not because of her religion but because of Prince Alberta. The problem in those days was that everyone held the British Royals to very high standards, and unlike today nothing was ever dared to be released to the press. The reigning British monarch always automatically becomes the head of the church of England and have to live up to that image. They declared divorce null and void after Henry the *th (the wife abuser and beheader!!!!!) It stayed that way until the present queen turned it over when Princess Margaret got divorced . Thus your belief that they were all "prime and proper". Victoria herself was thrust into the monarch position on the death of her Uncle at a very young age. In the background she was a real man lover and it is rumoured she had many many men. She also loved her cuppa teas, BUT it was always laced with Scot whiskey. This tradition is today still carried out by the present Queen Mom!!!! Although Elizabeth the Queen Mom was unlike her a one man woman. Richard the Lionhearted who fought in the Holy Wars for ages was gay. Elizabeth the 1st was a lesbian!!! Are you chuckling yet?????
Bye for now Pat.

Dear Pat,
You are a riot! Yes, I am chuckling. You are not the only one that does not understand why I have dedicated the page to Queen Victoria or why I would post a naked picture of myself on the net. Maybe, I will add your response and other people's responses underneath the picture somewhere. Do you think that is a good idea?

Hi Darwin:
You have my permission to use my quotes - hell I am still waiting for my fifteen mins of fame, why not get it as a bloody peeping Tom.!!!!
Till next time Pat

Uhh, is it legal for you to put that lovely picture of yourself on the web? If not, that's okay I won't tell. It makes me horny.

Yes it is legal in most countries. For it to be illegal, it would have to involve children and/or torture.

Nice picture. But I liked the articles better. I don't know whether this indicates that there is something wrong with me, or the rest of the human race. But anyway, I'd just like to say that's a very nice page, on the whole. Congratulations.

Cool! This is the first homepage I stumbled onto something like this. Now you surely work like some company boss or something like that, and you still can afford to show your photo to the world. (Heh..u know, that you right now teared all your chances to become american president? :)))) ) Surely I couldn`t do something like that because of I don`t need to do it and shame, but at least I would like to know how big chunk of fear you spent before you droped out your naked photo. I`m envy to people who can stand their fear and do what they wanna to do without thinking what could people say. Have nice day.
Bob, from Slovakia, middle europe.
PS: If you`ll find some girl who want you because of your cool photo, let me know. I like hot girls :)))))))))

Hi Bob:
I was fired from my job at the Real Estate Board in July 1996 with the posting of my naked picture stated as the reason for the dismissal. It was their loss as I was an excellent fit to their organization and I am a very good programmer. It took me two months to find employment again, and I consider myself lucky. I may yet sue them for monies owing, however, I simply don't have the funds to do so at this time. I would love to teach them a lesson regarding free speech.

Hi again Darwin; I couldn't help taking a look at the naked picture and also showed it to my wife. She said it reminded her of an albino chimp she saw jerking off at the London Zoo. (She tends to flatter people)
Bob & Martha

let me make this quick, i'm young, i go to a mainly xtian school, and i have very VERY few atheistic friends. i'm 19 and i've been an atheist for about 5 years, so i'm not some stupid kid. i would very much like to have a regular correspondance with you. i have a lot to say, but noone to say it to...help! i have visited your site many times and think you are a very intellegent and insiteful person, and i would love to get to know you...plus i've seen you naked!
-tiffany harding

Tiffany and I now have a mutual admiration for each other and are exchanging ideas regularly. Be sure to visit our websites from time to time to see what we build together.

I checked out your web page briefly and see that you've made a lot of changes and additions. It's looking very polished. Interesting URL's too. Great T-shirt! 

But, if you don't mind some hopefully "constructive" criticism here, there is still a straining or stretching of your credibility by using a 25 year old nude photo of yourself sporting a full blown erection and insisting it is "not juvenile stunt". The basis for this photo, you say, is that as with the Doukhobors, you associate it with a display of the "rejection of wealth and status." Well, this is where you blow it (excuse the expression). Assuming that you want to attract intelligent and discerning readers, they will know right away that this is a specious argument for displaying this type of photo. Never have we seen such public photos of Doukhobors. They took of their clothes and paraded down the streets "au natural" as a means of attracting attention to their protest, which, if I remember correctly, was against the government forcing their kids to go to public schools. 

If you are serious about showing an attention-getting nude photo of yourself with something honest to say, why not a nude photo taken today, as you are now, sitting in the exact same pose as Rodin's naked statue, "The Thinker" ...and if you put your old glasses on for the shot, it would be a great juxtaposition of the ancient thinker with the modern "philosopher"... you! Sometimes less is more, if you get my drift. Anyway, it's just a suggestion. 

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