Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2000 14:48:00 -0700
Subject: you poor thang

I was looking for the weather page to see if it will snow here in the
near future so that I can go out and play in 'God's Country' and feel
the power of the great outdoors rushing through my veins, and this is
the site that popped up instead. I have been reading a few interesting
books lately on life, and death, and humans and why we're here, and the
lack of such a thing as coincidences, and I had to respond to your web
site, after all since there is no such thing as coincidence, I must have
landed here for a reason.
It makes the hairs on my neck stand when I read this negative humbug
that you must have felt when writing and laying out your site, and I
feel sorry for you.  I have a degree in Anthropology, so Darwin's
theories have been tatooed in my brain, and I know he wasn't an atheist.
Why do things have to be so black and white for people here in North
America. I came from a communist country where religion was illegal, and
my mom and dad used to sneak us into an underground church for Christmas
and Easter, risking jail and endless government harrassement. Since we
came to Canada 23 years ago, I have been to church twice, but you know
what, it dosn't matter.  I see the Universal intelligence at work every
waking moment. I live in the mountains, and ski, and snowboard, and
hike, and bike, and run, and spend a lot of time outdoors, and it's
there - whatever you want to call it, god, Allah, Buddha whatever, it's
there, when you are face to face with a bear, or a rutting elk, your
priorities change a little.  And if you look deep down inside you,
you'll find it, and life will be so much more fun for you. Go outside
have fun, and chill and you'll find the peace, love and whatever else
your life is lacking. You don't need a priest, or a minister, or a
psychologist just go out and breathe some fresh clean air, and enjoy
what nature has to give. You'll be amazed!