To: <>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 10:24:49 -0800

Hello Dave.   
I just thought I'd better let you know that when the Bible talks of infants having their heads dashed it was the atheists who did it first and much more. The verse you quote is the revenge brought to the atheists(Babylon) for the incredible undeserved cruelties they did to the people of God.
The other verse you say about the foreskins being cut is a simple medical procedure that is being performed to this day and is known to be hygienic and have other values. To make the Bible out to be a bad book by these verses really shows you are grasping at air.
God is only one God. Religeous people look at Him and percieve Him in different ways. It's our right. As far as Chritianity goes, lots of people say they are Christians and do exactly opposite of what Christ teaches so don't blame Christianity, blame the people. Christ is about love and healing. Mind, soul, and spirit. To hate Christ is to hate anything that's good. When you see wars and killings don't blame Christ, he is against it all. And people who say they are his followers are not his followers. You call yourself the atheist messiah but I doubt very much that after 2,000 years you will be celebrated throught the world as any kind of saviour. What an incredible waste of time for you. Oh well, I guess  everyone devots their life to something.
I should much rather be devoted to love and kindness and fairness to all mankind than to try and destroy the only standard of real genuine goodness on this earth.
Maybe you should look historically at people who have given their life to what you are doing and see if they accomplished it. Many have tried but the more you go against God the stronger the people of God get. Someday, and it may be soon. Your body will be wracked with pain from disease caused by your hatred for that which is good and you will cry out to the living God for help. He will be there for you even though you were His enemy all your life. It is at this time that you will understand Him. I will not bless wht you are doing but I will bless you in His name that when that time comes you will see what He really is. So, God bless you (not what you're doing) Dave. I will pray for you that this will happen soon so you can be filled with His spirit and live a joyful prosperous life. Pastor **** ** *****.*******, B.C.