Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 21:01:23 -0000

I really like your website, I will tell my christian friends to take a good
look at it.  I had attended the catholic church up until about grade 9.  My
parents forced me to go to church and from the experiences I gained, such as
singing in the church choir against my own will I have developed a strong
understanding of religion.  There is no such thing as a higher being, we are
simply organism evolved over billions of years.  We have no special purpose
on earth, we are just here to die, freaks of the universe.  We're going to
die, and we will be forgotten quickly.  Religion is for weak people with
weak minds who won't accept their fate.   Keep preaching the atheist word,
but I'm afraid most of these religious dumbasses who you are preaching to
are too stupid to understand that they are not special.

PS. If you are going to post this message please do not share my email
adress.  Merry X-mas