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Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 11:41:56 +1100

Wow.  I am never ceased to be amazed at hard core atheists.  The very God
that you spend so much time trying to disprove is the one that gives even
your meaningless life purpose!  The fact is, if God didn't exist, you
wouldn't care.  Why would you spend all your time trying to disprove
something that didn't exist?  Therefore the only options are as follows:

1. God does exist and you are a wacko who shouldn't be listened to because
you are wrong.
2. God doesn't exist and you are a wacko for trying to disprove what doesn't
exist and therefore shouldn't be listened to anyway.

And where do you get off on squatting domain names?  Everything about you
reeks of self-centred bull crap.  Did you have a bad childhood?  If so, get
over it and do something a little more constructive with your life.  You've
obviously got the skills to do something worthwhile and significant
(otherwise I wouldn't bother emailing you) so why not do something that
actually benefits people.  Anyone can criticise and be anal.

Here's a suggestion. If you want to set up a site that promotes critical
thinking on important topics such as social justice, faith, government
obligations, etc, why not offer some tangible and beneficial ideas for
others to consider.  Who knows, you may even provide a site that pools the
world's greatest minds to ultimately increase the quality of life for poeple
on the planet as opposed to attempt to strip from people a faith that
obviously provides a sense of security for so many.

Darwin responded:
Which God are you referring to?
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Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 16:05:39 +1100

Hi Darwin,

I was curious to know if I would receive a reply.  The God I refer to is
purely the concept of an all powerful being that created us and everything
we see.  Many people search for God all their life (as if he is really lost
or something).  Many come to differing conclusions about who he/she/it is.
I believe everyone has the right to explore their origin and if they come to
a conclusion that helps them, then great.  If they want to share that
conclusion with others because they genuinely believe it will increase
another person's quality of life, then even better.  What I do find ironic
though is when hard core atheists make it their personal mission to crusade
the world with their evangelistic message that God doesn't exist.  This is
just as evil as the Middle Age Crusaders who attempted to forcebale convert
nations to their religion.  There was nothing kind nor benovelent in their
crusades, just the same as I see nothing kind or benevolent in hard core
aethiests endeavouring to dominate the independent decision making of those
who possess a faith in a creator.

So to answer your question, "which God?", my answer would broadly be a
supreme being. I do not want to confuse debate about which particular God or
faith/religion is the "right" one as I see that the original discussion is
purely the existance of a God.

My question for you is, why do you feel the urge to disprove the existence
of a God you don't even believe exists?  What benefit will it bring you
and/or others?

Darwin responded:
The truth shall set you free of your God dependence.  If you were to read the pages that I have posted at you would clearly see the reasons why I think the truth is so important.  Here is a short summary.  There are no gods in control of the planet and humanity is having a great effect on the planet surface.  If we care about our children then we should ensure that we don't create a Hell for them.  If you spend time with your imaginary god then you are wasting time of life -- the only life you have.  I don't like to see people waste their life because I care about them.

To: 'Darwin Bedford' <>
Subject: RE:
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 16:37:45 +1100

Hey Darwin,

You said that you care about people but you haven't explained how not
believing in the concept of a God actually helps people more than believing
in the concept of a God. 

I really don't want to get into an arguement about whether God exists or
not.  (I actually haven't even given my opinion on that.  I have purely
questioned the logic in your hopes to disprove a God you don't believe

At the end of the day, if people enjoy your company, they will ask what is
important to you.  I think that is the appropriate time to discuss such
things.  Until then, I don't believe it is beneficial for anybody to push a
particular persuasion on somebody.

I hope you have a happy new year.

Darwin responded:
How not believing in the concept of a God actually helps people more than believing in the concept of a God

Thank you for sharing with me your real concern.  I will give this question much thought and answer it carefully at a later time.  I do know that for humanity as a whole the truth is better and the truth shall always prevail.