Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2000 18:25:26 -0500
Subject: Love the idea, but a little unsure about the approach.


I was raised as a christian and was 'saved' (the opposite concept of the
christian idea of 'saved') when I was about 14.  It wasn't through
outside pressure, though, and I'm not sure how anyone can take you
seriously when, as it seems, you're trying to push some other ideas on
people.    I was saved because my mind was open enough to realize what
was going on.  since then I've been studying religion in my spare time
simply as a historical perspective.  I mean, anything that has dominated
human thought and action for so long needs to  be studied carefully.

I have also witnessed better ways to get an idea across than critisizing
current ideas.   For Example, I have been a vegetarian for about 4
years,  and that idea, too, I came up with on my own.   Since then, I
have read countless volumes supporting the idea for reasons such as
health, morality, evironmental soundness, etc.

But I do not push this idea off onto anyone.   I tried, but found that
people do not like to hear that they are wrong about anything.
ESPECIALLY people who are already insecure (ie: followers of religious
faith, or nutritional faith).
However, when I found that I simply kept my practises to myself,
quietly practising vegetarianism,   people started asking questions....
they were no longer offended by my comments,  but rather intrigued.   At
this point, when questioned, I simply kept to the reasons why I was
vegetarian, and never telling anyone why THEY should be.   Since I
started this approach, seven of my friends have become vegetarian, as
compared to zero before.

My point is,   If you quietly practise your beleif (or non-beleif),
those around you who are ready will approach YOU about it, and those who
aren't, won't.
On a broader scale,  when humanity is ready to accept atheism, it
will.    Applying outside pressure can never open someone's mind.   The
ONLY thing that opens a mind is that mind's desire to do so, and when it
is ready, it will.  Outside pressure only closes it more.

-please email me a rebuttal