Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 17:19:55 EST
Subject: I guess you haven't heard of the new testament.

Just to clarify... either you have a really low education... or just plain
ignorant.  There is something called the New Testament of the Bible, where we
have a man named Jesus who came and change the old laws of Yahweh...
therefore, read that book and find out about God and The "Trinity."  See how
God moved in the Old Testament and how he completed the prophesy through his
son.  You might want to Read the Bible in the context it is written, Read the
whole thing, it might make more sense to you that way.....and don't  pull out
verses that you have no clue what they were talking about... You should study
things first and know your stuff before making yourself look bad on the net. 
By the way, you might want to fix your web page.... in your list of "gods"
you have The Trinity listed as God the father, God the son, and God the Holy
Spirit, which, i commend you, it is right... then down the line you have
Jesus also listed... my question is why you have Jesus twice??? did you not
know that Jesus is GOD THE SON, as in he is part of the Trinity!!!!

ah there go, now you know , you might want to correct your web page, since
you seem to have it all figured out, and seem to know your theology like you
know the back of your cereal box.

Yours Truly
A concerned citizen