Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 00:36:00 -0500
Subject: feedback

Hello there!

I can appreciate your confusion and misunderstandings over the "real"
supreme being. However, since you quote from charter of rights and
freedoms, I trust you have actually looked at the structure of social
belief at the time in which it was originally written.  To make a long
story short, the constitutional constructionists if you will, by their
own admission believed in the "God" as represented and revealed in the
"Bible."  This is why we have certain "biblical" quotes engraved on our
parliment ...."And HE (the "judeo-christian God) shall
have dominion from sea unto the sea"  In saying this, it does not
necessarily prove their beliefs right or wrong, (that is an discussion in
itself), but it was this "judeo-christian" world view that most of the
writers of the right and freedoms held.