Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2001 16:08:36 -0500
Subject: God

No question in my mind. Because the charter also mentions "dominion from
sea to sea" which is a quote from the Bible, the God referred to is The
Father Jehovah. The Son Jesus and The Holy Spirit.
In reference to Human Rights, the Bible teaches, I am  to love my
neighbours as if they were me.
I am to protect my wife as if she were me.
I am not to exasperate my children and I am told to treat all children
the same way I would treat God if he were here in the flesh.
I must not want that which is my neighbours. not steal nor  murder. I
must not witness falsly about anyone .
 But that's just what I must do. Only I have to answer to my God for my
actions. What you do is entirely up to you.
Regarding your intro to the issue. God didn't recommend infants have
their brains dashed. You are quoting a resident of Jerusalem taken
captive by Babylonians who wanted revenge. That wasn't God speaking.
Serving the Supreme God
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