Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 23:06:45 EST
Subject: What, GOD?

My dear sir.
You make excellent points.
Why would someone worthy of the title "Supreme" or "Allmighty" endorse such
behavior as you indicate by excerpts from "the" Bible? How absurd indeed.
The underlying permise however of every theology you appear to be A-gainst is
    There is a basic understanding within humanity founded by real world
experience that (in a nut shell) no matter how great an ass kicker you may
be, there is always a bigger foot behind you... ask anybody; Genghis Kahn,
Adolph Hitler, you get my drift. On top of that, the studies of science prove
that even the most stable element in existence (and since matter can neither
be created, nor destroyed, that which is in existence is all we really have
to work with) cannot permanently resist change. Therefore, once a body of
strength evolves and stabilizes it automatically doubts its' good fortune and
deteriorates from within as do the so called "Super Power" countries of today.
    Whether the believers or the non-believers buy into the notion of a
supreme being, and no matter what we choose to call it, it exists. Some of us
fear it because we have tested it, and recieved an unsavory lesson. Some of
us honor it because of its' even handed, often harsh manner of treating us
all as equally worthless or worthy as our individual case may be. Some of us
neither deny it nor profess it as long as our number does not come up.
    Our number ALWAYS comes up. Our ultimate duty is to realize it does
exist, and that the sooner and longer we learn from it, the longer we
survive. Not only as individuals, but as individuals who can come together in
the largest support group as possible in order to survive even better.