To: <>
Subject: Religious cults
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 09:23:04 -0500

Religious cults such as the Roman Catholic Church should not be confused with Christianity. Many people look at those sort of higher racky systems as Christianity. Christianity as the Bible teaches does not allow for rich and poor,( though it does allow for those who work to have more than those who with to be lazy and not work )(those who do not work should not eat) ( Those who cannot work should not be left hungry)oppression or the destruction of the earth by pollution, in facted it is the opposite.If your belief is to believe there is no God, that is sad. If you believe the Roman Catholic Church or Seventh, Day Adventist or the Baptist Churches and so on are Christian Religions then for the most part you are wrong. There may be Christians in these organizations but, they are not of God. A true Christian is a follower of Christ and not of a Church. A Church is the incorrect term for a Christian as they are the Church not of a Church run by somebody who wants to be great  and or get rich.
Men have destroyed the earth through wanting to be lazy, through greed, through lust for power, lust for money desire to wish to be a cult leader in what ever religion be it Buddhism Atheism Roman Catholicism Nazism or what ever.
Religion makes world problems for sure, as it is mans way of justifying what he wants or is doing, To be educated in an important field is good if it is for the good of all. Education system is an other form of belief structure or religion to teach you to have high hopes for the future to get a degree so you can work in Mc Donald's because there are no positions available. Or become a Doctor so you can be rich, kill old people or babies as they are being born leaving out the importance of wanting to look after the sick. Many things are done in the name of God but are not of God. God gave us the freedom to choose and the consequences for choice.
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, please read it with an open mind an know that there can be peace if we live as it was intended for us to do
Kind Regards