Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 15:12:54 -0800
Subject: I feel pity for you

I was actually trying to reach the website for government of canada when
it got redirected to this website address. I feel sorry for you to go to
such extreme measures of your declaration of atheism. Let me tell you,
God is alive and well in the lives of many. I think that you need to
experience the awesome power and sprit of God before you come to realize
that what you are preaching is not right. God has done so much for me in
my life that I cannot even know where to start. Everything around us,
the air we breathe, the birds, the squirrels were all created by God as
well as us. It says in the Bible that God knows us so well that He even
knows how many hairs we have on our heads. I have also seen my
grandmother come seconds away from meeting her maker, come back to life
at the hospital and said that she saw a light at the end of a tunnel,
her parents and grandfather and had demons trying to pull her away with
them. Then, God's voice appeared and brought her back to her body saying
" Go and tell all that you have seen and heard, it is not your time
yet." Since that experience three years ago, she owes her life to God
and is regularly attending church  in thanks to God. Think twice before
you say that God doesn't exist, because He surely does.