Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 23:25:13 -0600
Subject: God does exist...

God is:
Nature, Love, everything we don't understand, everything that makes us
different from animals (that makes us think, rason, belive, play music,
art, etc.)
God is within and outside of us.  It is our Soul.  God gave us our
destiny (fate).
We are not just flesh and blood, we have thoughts that are immaterial.
All these things are God.
That's why God does exist.
Religions are only trying to interpret God to us and were established to
put some order and control or rule and manage people.
I don't like religions, but I do believe in God.

By the way I was looking for ""
Do you know if there will be a delay in my thursday's flight?
Only god knows, because he (she or it) sets our destiny.