Subject: Chip meet Shoulder
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 20:11:43 -0500

Oh boy!  Your page causes me some concern.  I realize that by believing in
God my opinion becomes biased, but what the hell were all  biased.  I beg
you as a fellow human being to please consider the following:

1.  God and religion are not the same thing.  Most religions believe in the
same God, the cultural context is what varies.  The differences lie in how
God is conceptualized and related to.

2.  PLEASE open your minds to idea that we are on earth for a purpose and
their is a greater reality after death.

3.  Danwinism does NOT equal atheism.  According to everything I have
studied, Dariwin had great faith in God.  The Theory of Evolution does not
make the exsistence of God impossible.  Creation has good evidence as well.
Neither theory is a science, they are philosophies.  Creationists choose to
believe God is simply more time efficient.

4.  PLEASE keep reading and learning you will find what you are looking for.

5.  The odds of humans evolving from simple organic chemicals are about the
same as the odds of having the charter changed.  Politics and constitutional
reform are as slow natural selection.

6.  Psalm 137 is indeed strange.  The OT was written in Hebrew and may be
subject to translational difficulties.  Psalms were written as songs in a
particular musical and cultural context, I doubt they were suggesting
infantcide as acceptable hobby.  Read the whole story.  Try the New
Testament, it's much happier.