Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 00:50:58 -0800
Subject: Be careful what you say...

hello there... what you see and hear in papers, does not justify what
you have said about my religion of Islam.

Where in the Quran does that say that you can beat and torture your
wives...  I thought you couldnt have bad people in this world, but by
you saying this, it can mean trouble for you, and trust me, the more
people that see this site, and for what you have said, it would be your
head that would be a true test of what you think you can say, and
I dont know who you are or what you say, but we havent said much about
your people, but if you would like I can, but I wont, as it is not with
in me, to abuse a person of such low morales, and of one who has no
shame in what he says.....

think about what you have said.. change it, or I shall make sure that
your page is suspended indefinitely.....