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Dear D***** Q******,

When I say that there are no gods I expect people to examine that statement with the possibility that it may not be true.  According to another responder, I am actually a nihilist and not an atheist.  Who knows, maybe one day we will learn that we were created by two gods playing a game of some sort.

Your comments regarding the merits of religion and war are despicable and typical of many apathetic atheists.  I am not advocating or suggesting the possibility of a peaceful harmonious world.  I am just sounding the alarm that if we continue to allow religion to flourish then we will doing ourselves in as a planet.  And I thank you for reminding me just how much work that it is going to take to get atheists on the same page as I am.

English is also my first and only language and my spell checker must have corrected at least a dozen words in the little that I have written.

Darwin Bedford

PS, Considering all the people that stumble across the Web site thinking they were going to reach a government of Canada Web site, I am glad to see someone with that Internet domain name stumble across one of my domains.

At 06:52 PM 10/8/2002 -0700, you wrote:

i stumbled upon your web page by going to and for one, is deceiving people part
of your plan to enlighten people? being an atheist
myself.. i think you are just as bad as 'them'.
secondly.. i went over your page.. everybody's entitled
to an opinion, and since you proclaim it so loudlly on
your page, i am forced to reply.. nothing aggrivates me
as much as somebody preaching (and that's what you are
doing.. being a preaching anti-christ... where does it
mention anything about ANY other religion other then
"Don't let that police officer tell a lie in traffic
court--I didn't." how is he lying if he's swearing
under a god that HE BELIVES exists.. beliving that
there are no gods, there are, therefor no consequences
other then what is in your life.. and therefore
becomming an assasin or just killing for pleasure could
be construed a good life, if it is what you like to
do.. better then living out your life as nothing.. know
what i mean? religion sets boundries for people so they
won't even think of doing something as such so that
they applease their god. swearing on the bible, and
being a christian is as good.. or better then their own
word for if they swear upon their own word.. it just
discreds them in face of humans and not for their
ultimate goal of being let into heaven.. somebody
swearing to something that they hold in high regards in
their hearts is more credible then their word in my
opinion. for me.. i hold my honor above all else, so my
word is what i hold dear to me.

"Click here to jump to the part (with coloured text)
where I object to the police officer swearing to a god
that doesn't exist that he will tell the truth during
the hearing--instead of affirming that he will tell the
there.. there you are just playing hero. "oh wow, he
got the court to make an officer swear on his word"..
dosn't matter.. you lie in court and u'r fuÁked. taking
an oath or not. it dosn't matter... you were just
trying to make yourself look better on your page by
adding that. btw, have you closed your mind on the
possibility that there is a god? which leads me to this
next thing.

"Atheism is a state of mind -- a way of being.
Atheists, (and free thinkers, agnostics and humanists)
are people whose fundamental way of being, is to ask
questions and to doubt everything. They habitually lift
rocks to discover what underlies them. They do not
believe anything absolutely. They know that to believe
something absolutely, closes the door on further
learning. The volume of useful knowledge that has been
gleaned from approaching life in this manner is
evidence that Atheism represents the learning edge."

have you ever read that.. i mean actually read that? i
see that the way you think is that there is no
absolute, yet you contradict yourself by saying that
GoD does NOT exist. ever think that maybe these
religious people are furthering their knowledge of the
unkown.. that there is a being that created this
'universe' as a play thing and that our 'hell' is his
enjoyment? people love to see violence.. it's always
been.. and even in our civilized age, continues to
exist (boxing, UFC, wrestling, etc). what if we use the
world 'universe' incorrectly in discribing what we are
in? what if.. what if.. what if...? there could be
somebody out there that created us.. that is more
advanced.. that can change things, that can hear their
prayers (telekenisis) and that control 'souls' as they
call them for an 'afterlife'.. fuÁk, we're soo close to
creating clones, what could happen in another 2000
years?.. 10 000 years? who the fuÁk knows?
so, maybe their 'religion' has some misplaced words
like 'god' and 'universe' and so forth.. but.. maybe
they arn't far from the truth? keep your mind open,
keep the door open before slamming it shut and yelling
out for some nails and boards to keep it closed forever.
after saying all of that.. there's the other side where
everything was created, not by some other being but by
accident.. or evolution.. and to find out the answer we
must delve into the past and find new ways to uncover
the truth.. but it won't be found by forcing everybody
into one mind, one train of thought.. we are more
powerfull deversified, emotional and adment in our
belifs then conforming everybody to one idea. you can't
find the truth with everybody choking.. looking at the
same place.
and religion also gives hope, gives power to the ones
who need it most.. it unites, it teaches and it uplifts
the downcast.
churchs helping the sick, elderly, homeless... these
acts are evil?.. churches may turn a blind eye to truth
of science, but they are for good intentions.. and done
from the heart.. from wanting to help people (for even
good intentions, the worst things may come from
(hitler.. trying to make the world one race of
'supreme' being, just not the right way of doing
things.. )

your hatred scares me. your rage scares me.. your
blindness scares me the most. people like you are the
ones who will enslave us all in "a good cause".. you
see hatred and rage and ignorance, while you turn your
eyes away from everything else in the balance,
everything good and just and honorable.. here's some
questions for you
-where would we be without war?
-where would we be without the christians and muslims
and buddist and so forth?
-what would you think the world would be like in total
i find you hypocritical and i'm ashamed of being in the
same catagory (atheist) as you, if you soo belive
yourself one. Has any great tragady befallen you in
your years to make you hate christianity as such?
because that is the only religion i see you trying to
brind down.
feel free to replay, i hungrily await it.
p.s. excuse any gramatical errors or spelling errors in
this text. it is not spell checked or grammar checked
and i fixed as many things to the best of my knowledge,
but i don't feel like running it throught an editing
program just for this. And english is also my second
language. i never learnt it much in school.

D***** Q******.

someday... someday you will ALL see it MY FU«KIN' WAY!