From: Be good to me and I'll spit it out!
Subject: [WEB-20030120.435476] Message to Darwin
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003, 18:53:43 -0800

Date and Time: Monday, January 20, 2003, 18:53 PST
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  Who Fušken Cares (in your words)

  Be good to me and I'll spit it out!

  I happened along this site and am I upset They told me that 50% of the internet was garbage and man I think I found some right here! For one thing fuškhead ( gettin down to your level ofcourse only because sicco's like you who have all the fušken time in the world to take time to make a site like this are really nonconstructive) thats my point I know whAt it takes time wise to do this shit and if I had the wherewithall yes I would put you on the same list that Osama and his fundamentalist buddies are sittin on right now by the way they may still be recruiting!! I'm sure he would love to get a hold of some of (forgot your handle already) your ideologies might beable to get head to head with somebody loosin thiers and judging by what I'm reading a bout these Hamas guys it would be you Skinhead!