Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 19:19:18 EST
Subject: ??

Isn't your term, "Atheist Messiah", a contradiction of terms.  I mean what the hell were you thinking.  Now we both come from opposite ends of the continent and two different countries.  But that should be no reason for me not to come over there and kick your fuÁkin' ass.  I mean for making a mockery of your teachers.  It must be a Canadian thing, first Brian Adams and now you.  What the hell is up with that.  But i bet that you being an atheist would also mean t hat y ou don't believe in hell either so FuÁk you.  You don't even have the balls to list your street address because your too affraid that some pissed off American Hic will come and and kick your Canadian ass.  Unless you support the demoralization of women and gays and blacks then you should have no problem with our little crusade.  But since you do seem to share these views then you share the belief of several thousands of individuals who make the same declaration of their beliefs under th e nam

Until Next time sucker,