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Dear Megan,

There is no hurt.  It is just that I care about people and the planet.  I care about people living their life within a lie and especially one that causes so much conflict around the world.  Conflict that feeds poverty, poverty that feeds overpopulation, overpopulation that feeds pollution ...  Don't you care?

Darwin Bedford

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  Hey Darwin,
  i don't know how I came across your website, it was weird, but I was intrigued and a bit disturbed when I did...
  I just have one question, it's simple and you've most likely had it before. Considering that you are an atheist and don't believe in the exsistance of God, why do you spend so much time and energy on him? I sense some hurt there, but I don't want to put words into you're mouth. I guess I just want to know your story. Thanks for reading this,