Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 22:34:05 EST
Subject: (no subject)

Have you ever had an old rusty car towed off that never ran anyway? Boy what a feeling to be rid of an old antiquated pile of foolish crap that only costs you money! That's what it felt like to finally be r id of the biblical foolery and the supposed "GOD" that takes care of us all. Also, why do people pray for the same old things throughout their entire lives, over and over again and never realize any of it? If this God is so omnipotent and all knowing, s hould n't one request do the trick? And praise---what does an all powerful being do with it? Why would He need it? And Hell. The only reason Hell was thought up was to promote another method of religious scare tactics. Because if you die and go to heaven, wha t's the big deal? Oh, No! You must be afraid! Do everything you can to try to get to heaven! Baloney! And also, why do angels have wings? If I was as powerful as an angel, I wouldn't need that sort of rubbish hanging on me. How about those halos? What t he he