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Subject: [WEB-20040529.a8d683] Message to Darwin
Date: Sat, 29 May 2004, 05:45:03 -0800
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Date and Time: Saturday, May 29, 2004, 05:45 PST
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  I'm coming in understanding, not anger
  hey.. what have we christians done to you that's making you so angry about Religion?
  religion kills, Jesus saves.
  one thing, God created earth and gave us free will.. and we chose capitalism.. therefore many people are starving.
  why are you blaming God?.. you don't even believe in him, or do you?
  everybody knows that it's we humans who have done the earth to a bad place to be..
  coz' we got free will, and we can do whatever we want.. we choose war and egoism!!..
  why blame God when you don't like religiosity.. what about satan? If there is and spiritual world.. The devil is the one who must have done all the bad things.
  well.. I understand that you can't believe, but i do not understand your anger against God, religion, Jesus and christians..
  what is making you doing all this? I think that it is not God.. and not yourselves... what more can it be?
  I'll pray for you.
  /love you all