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Hi Jimmy,

Personally, I blame the US foreign trade policies for the 9-11 attack.  However, religion (a.k.a., gods) is used by those in power to protect their wealth and things got out of control (more than usual).  The US foreign trade policies are designed to keep other nations impoverished so that they cannot become powerful.  Impoverished countries do not have a very large budget for education.  Educated people are less likely to be religious, and wealthy people are less likely to care about religion.  Hence, we have poor people reading the same old book over and over again--then religion and their make-believe god has much more meaning in their lives as they do not have the distractions of material toys.  Also, the poor have much more tragedy in their lives and their imaginary god-companion sometimes helps them cope with life.  In this case the greed of the rich and powerful came back to bite them.

Darwin Bedford

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  Jimmy J****

  Dear Mr. Darwin,
  I was simply wondering... since you are atheist... who do you blame the september 11 attack on other than God?? It seems to me like you seem to blame all the faults and troubles of this world on God?? I wonder why seeing as you are an atheist and i be
lieve that your "religion" does not believe in God... Maybe you can reply back soon...