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Subject: [WEB-20041202.fed45f] Message to Darwin
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004, 14:31:51 -0800

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  if u america stops praying then guess what will happen. or better yet the world. if everyone in the world who prays to god quites we will be in big trouble. you are looking in all of the things that happens when we pray. what about all of the things that happen if we were to stop. also without a god how did the earth come into being. did a planet appear out of nowhere. if so why did it appear just then why not 10 years earlier or later. also if you feel there is no god due to a neglected world, then why do you waste your timeposting cad words on the internet such as f@#k. how does that profit the world. why not do something about the so-called mothers that are watching their children die. im sure it most cost you at the very least 1 cent to keep this site and such up and running. why not use that money to help out those that you feel god has neglected.what does t-shirts that depict a man tossing away a cross profit the mothers who are watching their children starve. absolu!
 tely nothing.  you called jesus a hypocrite for allowing so many terrible things to happen to people. but i think we now know who the real hypocrite is.
               tieka age 15(i love you like a brother)
  p.s. dont write me back anything with cuss words in it