Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 16:44:23 -0500
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Subject: so you don't believe, ya right
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Why is it so important for you to get people not to believe, when in reality you yourself believes? There is no way ever that you could convince me that you do not believe in something higher than you. The fact that you have this web site shows that you believe that atheism is above you. Lets say you don't believe,just for fun, what would it hurt to believe, after all we know what it would hurt if you don't believe (HELL).The Catholic faith is the most targeted church by you stupid atheist, and I know why and you think you know why but you don't. The reason is because it was created by your biggest enemy Jesus Christ himself. I also know that something bad had to happen to you as a kid to create the monster that are. You are lost and for some unknown reason you want everybody to be lost with you so if you could let me know why that is????????? I know I don't have the writing skills that you do and I don't claim to and I know my paragraph jumps around not making much since in writing but it makes more since than your faith of atheism.
PS. I dare you to answer my first Question
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