Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 00:47:03 -0800
From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re: Atheism

Tell him my favorite--that the big bang was God blowing himself up to smithereens.  Yes, He committed suicide--perhaps because he was all alone, didn't have a father, and didn't know what His purpose in life was.  Scare the hell out of him by telling him that there was no 0 time and that time is a function of mass in the surrounding space.  Tell him that it is silly to think that there was a time when there was nothing because how could God or space dust come into existence all on their own without cause or reason and from out of nothing.  You have to scare him to a greater degree than God scares him in order for him to be relaxed about the idea of there not being a God.  Pretend that you are putting a video in your VCR titled "The History of the Universe from Beginning to End" and ramble on about it until he becomes numb from insignificance and meaningless.  Good luck!

I usually throw some questions back at them, such as:

Did God have a beginning (i.e., a 0 time)?
How did God come into being?
My! God must be extremely complex in order to come up such detail for our creation in such a short period of time!

This usually gets you nowhere as they are trained not to ask these questions from early on as the Bible says not to question God.  Then they are in their familiar, comfortable state of being monolibric, and of course, of being right.

Darwin Bedford

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Hi, I'm a fellow Atheist seeking your opinion.  What do I tell the Christian who believes the whole big bang and evolution thing who says I can't explain the origin of it all?  I have researched and found that the universe used to be an unimaginably small blip.  What should I say when he asks where the blip comes from?  Or what about when he asks how the big bang started itself at 0 time when it had to have taken something to start time (he compares it to a stop-watch and notes that you have to hit a button to start it.)

Can you offer me any help?