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Sorry Kevin, but I don't have time for hypothetical questions.  I know that there is no such God that you speak of and I am tired of discussing Pascal's Wager.  It's beyond me how anyone can believe in that Holy Trinity shit.  You can't even explain it with words without them contradicting themselves.  But that's what faith is all about isn't it?--just throw out logical reasoning altogether and have faith.  What does "God is everywhere" really mean anyway?  Does it mean that He is between parts of atoms?  Go to a mirror, take a good hard look and give yourself a thorough shaking.

Darwin Bedford

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Let me begin by saying that I'm impressed at your response to my e-mail. Most people that I try to debate don't e-mail me back and I didn't think this case would be any different. I would also like to say that although I'm not impressed with your web site, I am excited to learn that there is at least one atheists out there who is not intimidated by a Christian and is open to exploring the truths that exists today. So at that I'm looking forward to you trying to prove me wrong.
What do I believe? I believe in the Holy Trinity, that is The Father (God), Son (Jesus Christ), and The Holy Spirit (God in Spirit form). I believe that God is omnipresent, which means He exists everywhere. Since, Genesis 1:27 (the first book in the Bible) says that mankind was created in God's own image we in some way we resemble God. Just like anything any creator leaves a mark on something he has created, God has left a mark upon us.
Now that I have answered your questions I would like to pick your brain a little. I notice that most of the e-mails you receive and choose to post on your website are from a wide range of people. Those e-mails from so called Christians also vary in wide range as well. Some from which contains vulgar language and some take the stance from which they try to "love you to Jesus." Now I disagree with both standpoints when dealing with a person totality apposed to Christianity such as yourself for obvious reasons. My question to you is which sparks more of an interest from you? Also, as I asked in the previous letter, what if there is a God? I mean what happens if you die tomorrow and you find out that God exists? Where will you go? If you knew that God existed what type of theological implications would there be in your life? Looking forward to your response.
In Him,
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ok Kevin, why don't you start by telling me what you believe to be true
about your god.  Is your god male or female?  Does he/she have a
spouse?  Does he/she live with others in a special (non-Earth) place?  Are
there cats and dogs there?

Darwin Bedford