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  sabrina ingham


  i was trying to explain to my husband that is physically impossible to conceive a child w/o having sex (virgin mary.
am I right?  He was raised Morman, but does not practice,
and I have him half convinced there is no God, I'm still trying to work on him....My theory is, how can there possibly be a Jesus, who works miracles, saves the children,etc....when he allows children to be kidnapped, tortured, raped and killed, wheres the divine intervention?
If he's so fucking great and allmighty, why can't he perform a miracle and save that child who is getting raped?
How can there be a god who would allow that sort of thing?  and also, I am one of those people who say "just because there's a bible doesn't mean everything in it is fact"..if God is Jesus' father who is God's father, and so on and so on?  If someone breaks into my house at night, these fucking  ninnies are going to lay in their beds and pray to god to save'll hear about their deaths on the news the next morning, cuz God wasn't listening....someone breaks into my house, they better watch out cuz i'll be getting my .45...anyways...just venting my frusteration with the religious zealots out there.