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Subject: Re: Prove it to me?
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 21:32:39 -0400

Darwin Bedford,
Once again I find a lack of knowledge followed by sarcastic and vulgar remarks by an self-proclaimed Atheists. I am disappointed to find that every time I come across a website, such as yours, that's main focus is on anti-Christianity it seems to have a lack of evidence upon which they base their erroneous faith. Yes, you do have faith. You, as a self-proclaimed Atheists, take faith in the writings of such people as Charles Darwin. The proof of this is your name, Darwin. Don't you ever do any research? Don't you know that even Darwin said the his thoughts on natural selection and evolution were strictly THEORY and that his THEORY was most likely wrong (Hope you knew that before you changed your name). Everyday scientists come up with new FACTUAL evidence proving Darwin's THEORIES wrong. But instead of looking at the evidence, once again I find illogical arguments upon which another atheists web-site is based. 
You have to understand that in no way am I trying to change your mind or "save" you, but instead I am trying to show you that, despite you lack of reasoning and logical thinking, there is another side to the whole "Creation vs. Evolution"  argument. And really I don't even expect that. You see, contrary to other Christians that may have e-mailed you, I really don't care about the outcome of your life. I would love to see you have a change of heart and come to know Jesus Christ but the is not my main objective. My main objective is to GLORIFY GOD! What I find is that illogical, erroneous, and uneducated websites, like yours, bread illogical, erroneous, and uneducated people, like yourself. So therefore I am not trying to help you, all I'm doing is trying to educate others.
 Let me ask you a question. On your website you have a link that says "Lets Debate." WHY WON'T YOU DEBATE ME? That's all I'm asking. But thus far, all I have received are e-mails that apparently assume that I'm just an angry Christian that just wants to argue. Instead of adding ridiculous statements like, "Go to a mirror, take a good look and give yourself a good shaking." Why don't you debate me? I mean, I have heard better insults out of two year olds. Further more you state, "It's beyond me how anyone can believe in the Holy Trinity shit. You can't even explain it with words without having them contradict themselves." WHEN HAVE I CONTRADICTED MYSELF??? Please give me one example. I think you may have gotten me confused with someone who didn't know what they were talking about. I mean if you are going to debate me, please know that I am not you everyday "JESUS FREAK" who wants to save you. I believe in the existence of God because of logical reasoning, scientific proof, and the plain and simple evidence of changed lives. I also know that Jesus (PART OF THE TRINITY) said, "The path to destruction is wide and the path to righteousness in narrow." Now if you don't believe in the person of Jesus, you better start doing some research because most of the world's renowned scientist do believe in the person of Jesus Christ. And if they don't they do believe in the Bibles historical worth.   
Let me close by posing the same question that that I asked in my first e-mail. Why don't you have a civil, intelligent, open debate that focuses on the existence of God? You, since you obviously feel so comfortable in your knowledge of evolution, can post the e-mails on your website as proof the there is no God. As far as I can tell from your website you feel you have the correct theory and proof behind your theory so it should be as easy as proving me wrong. Wouldn't it be a great article to post on your website? You could title it "How I Proved a Bible College Student Wrong." I give you full permission to post all of these e-mails on your website as long as their posted in their entirety. Once again I would like to leave you with the option to take the next step and debate me. DEBATE ME DARWIN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
In Him
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Sorry Kevin, but I don't have time for hypothetical questions.  I know that there is no such God that you speak of and I am tired of discussing Pascal's Wager.  It's beyond me how anyone can believe in that Holy Trinity shit.  You can't even explain it with words without them contradicting themselves.  But that's what faith is all about isn't it?--just throw out logical reasoning altogether and have faith.  What does "God is everywhere" really mean anyway?  Does it mean that He is between parts of atoms?  Go to a mirror, take a good hard look and give yourself a thorough shaking.

Darwin Bedford