From: "Sean" 
To: <>
Subject: Irony
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 12:29:06 -0700

Your site is filled with Irony.  I myself have always been against religion becuase it has caused more harm than good in world history. (Sept 11th could not have been possible without religion.)  The irony of your website though is that it is filled with hateful messages towards "God," yet you claim to be an atheist site.  Maybe im misunderstanding something?  :P  Anyways, came across your site by mistake and thought it was hilarious.  Dont let all those ignorant religous freaks get you down, even if the majority of this country is run by them.  You see, their devotion to their faith closes many doors, and gives them such a narrow path in life that you and I are actually given a multitude of opportunities that would not be as easibly attainable without this fact.  So just try to keep this in mind, religous people may hurt others in their cause, but ultimatley it is their own life that they are throwing away.  I could write to you about this forever, even tell you how simple Physic, Atom, and Astronomy based facts have led to my own conclusion that there must be something else, anything else.  (statistically its inevitable that at least one other form of intelligent life exists, whether they be in a "God" like state is another story)   OH yeah, people also blame god for the shitty world they are in with people killing people and people living in poverty or people dying on September 11th.  Maybe PEOPLE should not be so selfish, if there is a god, just maybe all that god did was set the wheels in motion and the earth and humans came to be through physics, chemical reactions, and timing.  Just MAYBE, people are the cause of people killing people, or people are the cause for other people starving.  Earth is just fine, it was just fine 4.4+ billion years before humans came to be through evolution, its Society and the people in it who are shit.  So again, whos fault is it really.  (I know i know, its hard for people, americans especially, to actually think that it could be their own fault and not someone else's, but it could be TRUE!  GASP) 
Damn shame Independent thought and common sense went out the door with mass opinion and political correctness.
I ?  Im gonig to live my life and laugh at those who would rather live in ignorance to be happy, rather than be cynical and a little mad because they dont want to accept reality.
- Just another person enjoying an avg 65yr life span in a universe that is barely 15 billion years old.
-Post this shit if you want