From: "Adam D******" 
Subject: Dear Sir,...
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 15:57:17 -0400

Dear Darwin,

Atheists don't exist, cause everyone knows there's a God (A Creator).  You are most definatly miss-lead.  "Atheists, Evolutionist, Relativist,... all have one thing in common. All there arguments have to many "points of tention".  For example watch a program about evolution on Discovery or tlc & you will find the word "created" or "design" used quite often.  Listen to the one who says "Everything is relative" or "What's good for you is good for you and what's good for me is good for me" most often feel that christians are to opinionated.  As soon as someone has a marol center or conviction or will not go with the latest trend of what the "world" is trying to do (For example homosexual marrages)... The same people that thing this way usually believe that children need disepline.  How dare they tell there own children what to do... How dare God give us rules!!!... Who does he think he is.

I believe you're more of a relativist than a Atheist or humanist.

Darwin, weather you like it or not Jesus loves you.  He died on the cross for your sins.  If you confess that He is Lord and follow Him you will be saved (Romans 10:9-13).  Jesus is God made flesh.  Only through His blood can you be saved and your sins washed away, and only through His resurrection can you be made into a new creation. For "Who ever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved"  However; remember this.. one day your knee will bow before Jesus and the words "Jesus is Lord", will fall off your lips, so seek the Lord today, because the time is coming quickly when He won't be found.

Adam D******

Sorry for all the spelling mistakes I typed this fast