From: Joe C********
Subject: [WEB-20021226.a6a072] Message to Darwin
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002, 10:03:26 -0800

Date and Time: Thursday, December 26, 2002, 10:03 PST
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  Joe C********

  I find your Fuçk You Father Picture most interesting. I will not bore you with the typical litany of biblical outcry and self-righteous bullshit, God is not offended by what you say, but I will say you are wrong, and this is why:
  We have dominion over the earth. You are right to say in your left sidebar Just south of fuçk you father, "The Earth is Ours" What i do not understand is why you say that on the one hand, then blame God for all it's fuçked-up-ness?
  Help me understand the scale by which you measure our plight?
  The way life is constructed clearly tells us that if we plant corn, we get corn. Everything is a seed within itself. We sow the seeds of destruction, then rage against our dad, God the creator when we reap EXACTLY what we have sown. Your “fuçk you” sounds more like an immature child than an enlightened messiah freeing people from the “bondage of religion.” Oh wait a seed within itself, could it be??? Could it be that just as a child matures from dependency to independence, then (If it is wise or lucky) discovers interdependence, we as a planet are on that journey. Hey! So the fact that a child grows and matures is a seed pointing to the fact that we as a planet (Child) mature. How far does this seed within itself thing go???
  Could it be that a Father-God knew he had to PLANT the seeds of our salvation into our culture so that when we were ready, or chose to, we would see his Love, and our freedom. Could it be that he did so in a way that would be palatable as he was talking to the infant world? He might illustrate what he wants for us by taking a people out of the bondage who were building graves for false gods (Pyramids for the Pharos of Egypt) into a promised land. Could it be that the need to understand forgiveness and sacrifice are at the core of sowing the seeds of life, so that we might have it, instead of what we are sowing right now, death??? Could it be that God would come here and say this to our face and be put to death for his trouble, all the while saying “Forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing.” Just on the off chance that idiots like us might get it.
  Is the planet is growing up to the point where it can make a decision about what it sows and reaps responsibly, and not blame God for all the shortcomings???? If you want to make some sense of the planet for yourself, you might try and stop fanning the flames of discord. How far we get does not depend on how many are freed from religion, it depends on how much we help each other on the journey to understand the road of truth, which leads to life. It is right in front of our eyes, written in the book of life, just look and see how life is constructed, and you will see the message. Your attempt to free people from religion is pointless. Spend your time pointing them to the truth instead. Although I am not sure it will inspire as much cool tee shirt fodder…
  Oh well…shit happens.