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Subject: Atheist rising from the ashes
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 1:50:52 -0500

I am a resident of Kentucky and I looked at your website.  I have a few comments and maybe suggestions.  I like you website a lot.  It cleared a lot of things up for me.  No one really had do say anything to me to make me become an Atheist.  I just kinda figured it out one day.  Believers I usually stay away from but they are almost impossible to change.  As a matter of fact I think the more you push Athiesm the more they won't turn.  If we try then they will revert back to their precious bible and then find out that we are actually satanic.  The truely religous have a shield that blocks out everything that doesn't directly link to god.  I live with my sister who has recently become a very religous person.  The problem I have with her is that she can't back up questions I ask her.  Her boyfriend is so religous it makes me puke.  He doesn't bother trying to change me because he couldn't answer my questions either.  I think I have come up with answers to my questions after studying a lot of history you just h


First of all in a ruleless world there is nothing but chaos. Someone developed an idea.  one of many I suppose.  The "god" idea.  A judge who see's all and knows all who you will be judged by after you die.  So everyone plays nice exept for behind the shadows.  Eventually it became many religions.  Even though there were people on other spots of the earth who didn't hear the "god" idea they still had very simaler ideas of their own.  Ive been through catholic school for 12 years.  about a week after my senior retreat i realized what god actually is.  God is just a feeling.  like love or hate or anger.  God is a feeling.  And as all feelings are people can become addicted to the "God" feeling.  So their old but they still need their weekly dosage.  or in some extreme cases more.  But when the believers have kids they tell them two things.  God exists and santa comes every christmas.  They eventually tell you that santa isn't real.  but if they hadn't and presents kept appearing under the tree every year you'

I'm with you all the way.  Believers just need to grow up.  Santa's not real and neither is god.  And by the way if you want a laugh visit  its so funny. 
From your athiest rising from the ashes