Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 15:45:04 -0800 (PST)
Subject: i guess this is just me typing a free association

i have no interest in getting into a long debate that
will change neither of our minds, especially since
neither of our minds require change.  they are as they


you must understand the dramatic difference between
spirituality and religion . . . much of what i saw on
your sight was an attack on institution, not on
spirituality.  however, athiesm is the attack on
sprituality, it is a non-belief in god.  good and all.

god is just a word.

have you read Spinoza?
and if so, have you substituted the word
for the word god.

these are all the same
what of god between the lines

in a sense, the force of cause, regularity, and change

order, chaos, begining
yin, yang, unfahanable

sorry of the spelling
busy and just trying to talk,

i only say this because i like your humor
and i like what you have to say
but i find
a poem disclaimered with the note that he person who
wrote it is busy being dead from depression . . .

what of athiesm then???????

why not a non-belief in some god who actually guides
things from outside,
but a belief in a force of energy,

after all that's waht we are
just condensd energy

well, anyway, all of this is just early christian
thought, zen stuff, and hinduism blended together.

i'm sure you'e heard it all before

keep up fighting for Truth
if i didn't misinterpret your being

meanings being mean to beings

casey rich

i'm not a lunitic,
i just don't know how to clearly express these ideas
to a stranger who obviously likes the thoughts he has

"I've developed a new philosophy... I only dread one
day at a time."
-Charlie Brown

and the wisers mind their matters, feeling rips in time