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  ashi lederer


  you said that even heavan will be boring after a while but you dont understand that in heavan we wont be humans will we be spirits and spirits dont get bored- even the evolutionists are starting to realizeits faults --there is a jewish rabbi in my com
munuty who gave lecture and once in a while he would speak about the falsehood of evolution the word spread all the way to columbia u. and a proffesor went down every week to debate this very well read rabbi about the "truth of evolution" in the end thi
s columbia professor not only chucked evolution and took god but he converted to judaism im not going to ask you to convert to judaism (to restictive)but at least believe in god ill recommend for you (although i think it has some faults)the book "permis
sion to believe".if you seek out this material and you still dont believe in god i will  at least respect you for practicing what you preach(investigating new things) but if you dont seek it out how can you blame the religios for not seeking atheism if
you dont seek the possibility of god  it cant be one way street