From: "Ann"
To: "''" <>
Subject: response to stats site
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 14:19:07 -0400

I thought I was reaching the gov. stats site.  Quel(le?) suprise!  I agree with much of the disillusionment expressed in your theses.    However.  You need to get some of your facts straight.  For instance, Christ is not billed as the "only son of God", rather the only "begotton" son of God, inferring that there were others and that Christ was the only one begotton of a humanoid plus the Creator.  Try reading the Old Testament.  It speaks of the "sons of God" roaming throughout the earth, mating with human women.  Also it says the Spirit "moved" upon her.  What the does that tell you?!  As for the rest of it, I am too busy to address it all at the moment.  Just read ALL of the Bible with an open mind.  It will shock you and Christians alike.