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Subject: We need stop these christians before it's too late
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 11:23:51 -0600
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Wow, with all this bs going around right now about the "concerned christians of Canada" i just about want to pack my bags and move to the Antarctic. I think if I hadn't found your page I was about to lose it. I can't FATHOM how people can be so damn naive when it comes to religion. Ok, so people believe in some god, and now they think that Canada was based on Christianity? what the hell is going on in this country? Don't people realize that christianity and religions in general have cause more pain and suffering in this world than it has done good? If there's any ways i can help out your organization other than spreading the word let me know cause I need to find somebody that has the same ideals as me. I'm surrounded by friends and family that are all dilusional and what's worse is that none of them have a damn clue what christianity really is. they all think that they can just say they're christians but do whatever they want and everything will be fine for them cause they can just ask for forgiveness. Must be nice to live in such a screwed up dream world. Anyways, thanks for giving me somebody to talk to. I can't get into one more religious argument with these people or i'll lose it so I needed to vent to you.
Colin Black