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Hello Andrew,

Yes, please send your writings on your atheist beliefs.  If I think that they will cause people to doubt their religious beliefs, then I will post them if that is ok with you.

Darwin Bedford

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  Athiest Messiah -
      You have a  site here with very original thought and well informitive, soundly based ideas. Youve basiclly written much of what i think about when contemplating my reasons for being a fellow athiest. Your written works have inspired me to write a
few of my own concerning my ideas of athiesm. I am not a trend follower, i did not become an athiest because i knew another. In fact when i decided that nothing supernatural exists i was unaware of others who felt as i did. I didnt even know there was a
 word for it. It just hit me one day, (call it an epiphany if you wish, thats what im doing lol), that there is a simpler explination for the unknown. Belive it or not i was in church at the time. Anywho i would like to submit some writings of my own on
 my athiest beliefs. I will e-mail them to you soon, please tell me what you think, Thanx.   -Floridian Athiest