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Dear Connie McC*****,

Where ever the practice of religion is in violation of the law then we should not allow people to practice it.  Brainwashing a child of untruths should be disallowed.  A child that has been told untruths in the name of religion by his/her parents and then discovers that he has been adversely affected should be able to sue his parents.  Governments should discourage the practice of religion, just as drunk diving or smoking tobacco is discouraged, as it is based on false claims--for instance, a promised afterlife.

I believe that one person's freedom stops where another person's rights or infringed upon.  For example, we have the right to breath fresh/clean air and therefore we must deny smokers their right to smoke when it done so in a manner that contaminates the air that we are breathing.  With respect to religion, I don't think it should be forced upon anybody without them being offered an opposing view to choose from.  i.e., A child should not be told that there is a god and life after death.  The child should be told that there are people that believe there is a god and he/she should also be told that there are people that believe that there are no gods.

I hope that I have answered your questions.

Darwin Bedford


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  Connie McC*****

  Do you think we should allow people to practice religion of any kind in the world?  Or do you believe people should be barred from practicing religion of any kind?  What kind of freedoms do you "approve" of? cmc