Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 05:32:52 -48000
To: "Mathieu" 
From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re: Atheist theory

Hi Math,

Sheep may need a shepherd but people do not need religion in order to be peaceful.  In fact, quite the opposite is true.  A good book for you to read is:

Can We Be Good Without God?: Behaviour, Belonging and the Need to Believe
by Author Robert Buckman
Hardcover | 208 Pages | 5 x 7 in | ISBN 067089222X
Published in October 2000 by Penguin Books Of Canada, Limit
Here is a review of the book:

Here is the promotional text extracted from the Chapters Books website at:

Darwin Bedford

At 01:34 AM 2/28/02 +0000, you wrote:

Hi Darwin,

I also am an atheist, and I do believe I am an intelligent person. You certainly also are, for you can make your point and back it with logical arguments.

However, I believe that the way you put things up affects your credibility. Saying "FuÁk God" certainly isn't an argument. It makes me wonder about your actual goal with all this. Do you want to convince people that God does not exist or do you only want to shock them ? You probably thought you'd get more feedback by blasmpheming against God (and maybe you are), but I bet you mostly get fanatics' responses. That won't get the debate very far. I suggest that you "clean" a little your speech and maybe you may get more openness from your "accidental readers".

Beside, I don't believe in God but I sure believe most people need to believe in something. Astrology is another crutch they also use to fulfill that need. So, imagine for a moment that you convince everyone God does not exist. What then ? If everybody saw the human race as meat, wouldn't the situation worsen ? I know many people kill in God's name, but how many keep themselves from doing so because they fear God's repercussions ?

I don't say I'd promote any religion to keep the population peacefull, but I must admit there is at least one thing true in the Bible : sheeps need a shepherd.

Have a nice evening,


NB : Please excuse my French grammar, I am French.