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Subject: [WEB-20050130.9017d3] Message to Darwin
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005, 12:30:09 -0800

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  J. Malcolm Killam


  Your views and site have set back Athieism by hundreds of years. You display (perhaps from your pent up feelings about Religion) in both wirting and visuals a total ingorance "in knowledge repective to attracting others to your cause and thus are defeated before you start". While there is no doubting your "belief's", their is (again displayed horrible) a lack of knowledge of Religions and or methods of physcology "to convert people as used by all and to which you must know and use" to convince them of their wrong belif's.
  If you want to be a "Messiah!" remember "first and foremost" there never was one, "real" or "who told the truth". Is this really "what you want to be"?  Then "Why?
  The only leader type person of note to emulate for us is "Voltaire" and perhaps you should become his "Advocate" as all of us, for our current lifestyles and freedoms result from his efforts. And in research of this Man, make sure you ascertain his "mind and goals", although devasting to the Clergy "where never vulgar".
  To slay the dragon is not to slay "Jesus", but "All Religion"! This cannot be done Sir, "through rude, vulgar or intimadation tactics" but only through absolute belief and love of others.
  Your job and mine is to "entice people, especially the very young" to seek the "real truth" through documents readily available to all, like reading the likes of Voltaire, Ingersoll, Massey etc.
  Your job, Sir... should you accept it "is not for fame, money or prominence", but sinply to "give life meaning to everyone you can", while they are fortunate to have it.
  I am asking you, "to completely reverse" your Net existence, "to one of diseminating knowlege with site to the people who knew, who cared and who did".
  Dedicate your efforts and your life "To Truth" without "revenge and vulgarisims" of others.
  Do not be as they have benn and are.
  As a prior Business and Investment person, "I can tell you without any question whatsoever, "that you wil fail in your own efforts" to change the world or even the community in which you live. "Negatives attract Negatives in Magnetis's and in Word". 
  The "converted", surely are "not our goal"?
  If you are interested in "converting the Religious Belivers" into "Self Belivers" and want to be a personal and Financial Success in doing so...
  Darwin...I am here to set you on a new and more "Reasoned" course than you have taken. Talk it over with your mind, your friends and relations and give me a's free
  (except for phone chatges) or contact me by email with your response.
  As your site is, "It remains a determent" to the cause of human suffering worldwide.
  Take care, as I love your'e seal if not your presentations and belief's "supreme"!.
  No way to check my error's at spelling or grammer, so please excse these.
  I am a Voltaire Advocate for He has bought my freedom during my lifetime.
  VA ...J. Malcolm Killam, CFP
  Call me @ 250-489-2468 or email me @
  Should they do so,