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Subject: [WEB-20020922.8316bf] Message to Darwin
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002, 06:56:46 -0800

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   i'm unsure if god exists. there is no proof. i love my wife; there is no proof except that i say so, and act accordingly.
   without some manner of creation, i do not exist. you do not exist. our lives are not happening. we are immaterial.
   what does it mean to live? religion is a set of rules and guidelines establishing a control over belief and conduct. the morals you follow/impose/suggest are a set of rules and guidelines establishing a control on belief and conduct.
   i am not a murderer; i am obligated to help the poor and starving under your system of beliefs and conduct only. your morals do not control me, i control me. because i do nothing to alleviate the suffering of others, i am no more a murderer than those who attempt to kill the freedom of the personal and individual choice to act as they wish.
   dismiss good and evil. ther are only actions and events. the existence of good and evil cannot be proven. good and evil are parameters imposed upon us to control behavior. dismiss law as a control device. without a collective conscious movement within agreed moral boundries, we fall into anarchy.
   separation of church and state cannot happen. corporate allies of/and world leaders dictate the clash of socio-political ideals resulting in poverty and starvation for all populations, regardless of lack of food, or quality of abundance of food. choose: malnurished, obese, or starving. the rich cannot exist without the poor. politics controls morals and money. money controls everything including my personal conduct, as i must work every day for the priviledge of living on this planet, and pay taxes on food, clothing, and shelter. a variety of religions work outside the tax system and feed, clothe, and shelter the poor, all for the price of listening to, and perhaps being persuaded to attempt to follow, beliefs and morals. 
   my actions and thoughts are my own, as are yours. these are some of my opinions. i am neither right nor wrong, nor are you. we both feel as we feel.