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Dear Maryline,

Now there is another good question -- Why do you think that God created someone like me?  I think I'll use that for my next Today's Question.

Darwin Bedford

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  Maryline F*****

  You should really be ashamed of yourself.God is God, and He dosen't need any humain creature to tell Him what to do. If He decided to create the world when He wanted to, He had a reason.And I have a question for you. Why do you think that God created someone like you? Even if you deny Him,even if you hate Him, He loves you. But now, you are dying in your sins,eternally lost and for ever separated from God. Buh God offers another way.If you are willing to turn from your sins,you can have eternel life  free  as a gift. And it's not by living on your own, thinking I don't need Him that you will be transformed. And now let's talk about september eleventh. You say that He left almost die 3000 people. Why God shoul have cared? "No one need Him, come on...He do sen't exist, the bible is just a history book,etc..."Every body live on their own without even thinking about God.Everything in my life is fine, they say.And who needs God anyway? And now that this tragedie happened, they all blame it on God...What's th
e point? You need Him, you believe in Him or not. You just can be mad at Him when something wrong happens when most of the time you don't care about HIM.