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Subject: [WEB-20041121.0c403e] Message to Darwin
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004, 15:53:15 -0800

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  Just another insignificant believer


  Dude, I've read some of your stuff.  It's disturbing.  Yeah ok, the world is corrupt and all shades of messed up.  DO you honestly believe trashtalking God or negating his existance form the mind of every would be saint is going to make the world a better place.  We're inthe mess we're in form bing self serving.  We refuse to worship God and choose to worship ourselves.  (You understand what I mean by self worship don't you self-proclaimed MessiaH.  Okay, so we Christians have messed stuff up our fair share in the world. (alot)  I know I have.  Man, I've been a bastard.  I deserve to burn.  I could chalk it up to ignorance, being tricked by the man, social construct theory, or hell, why not blame my parents.  After all, they didn't let me dress up for halloween or let me see movies with naked ladies in them as a kid so it's got to be their fault right.  (Not likely)  I'm just a good old fashioned self serving, rotten human being like the rest of em'.  And do you know why? !
  because I had the choice.  And who chooses the path of righteousness on the first try when the fruit looks so damn' juicy.  We're all in the same boat kid.  I know it's easy to point the finger at "those guys" and their hypocricy but if you looked a little harder at yourself.  Whatever method you choose...Socratic, introspective, submission works for me.  You'll find there is no bigger hypocrite than a man so arrogant in pointing out what's wrong with the world in anything but his own depraived, hateful, angry, self-obsessed heart.  It hurts at first, but you'll come to find comfort in the truth if you give it a chance.  It's not easy though.  Listen to me trying to reach a brother when I'm so full of piss and demons my damn' self.  Good thing that Jesus guy was such a giver.  I'd a been screwed from the git.  He loves you to ya know.  I don't know what made you so angry with God but I'm sure he'd be a heckuva lot happier if you we're too.  Ahh, what do I know.  My first i!
 nstinct was to tell you how full of it you we're and challenge you to
a debate.  (Like i've said, saved but still amount of college can change that.)  Tell ya what.  Let's say you won the argument and I'll just take some comfort in knowing you read this far.  By the way....Just wanted to let ya know that he died for you.  Specifically you.  Yeah, it doesn't make sense to me either but we ain't exactly on the same wavelength all the time.  Jesus loves ya pal.  Take it or leave it.  Take care.  Hope you find what it is you've been loking for.  You'd be a heckuva turncoat if ya ever came around.